Sing , sketch and write with me


Here you can find my short covers of hit songs ,few pencil sketches and few poems too 😊

Why I sing?

Singing helps to relax us when we under stress. It helps us build confidence and build social skills. It promotes emotions and we feel song . Besides, it is good aerobic exercise for our vocal. Hence, listen and sing with me

Why I sketch?

Sketching or painting πŸ–ŒοΈ is that art which was started in stone age. It is a way to communicate . It helps us increase our creativity . It enhances coordination. So painting is the best to do in free time ☺️ So learn sketch with me

Why I write poems?

It is very very good if you are poetry lover . Poems are not only the sentences with the words but also have emotions embedded. Poetry heals our soul . Also boost our creativity. So become a poetry lover and read my poetry ☺️

Live Happy Life with singing, painting and writing

Create unique

Stay healthy, stay safe

Send your requests for songs , sketch and poems through comments πŸ˜ƒ

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